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What you might want to have on hand before pick-up:

1- Cage with tray or litter box. A 24"x 30" is a good size.

2- Wood chips for cage tray or litter box.

3- Put a block of untreated wood in cage. This will help the bunny's teeth to stay trimmed.

4- Water bottle and food bowl.

5- Toys and a hide-a-way box (optional)

6- Feed- Blue bonnet brand pellets or a good 16% protein feed. 

7- Hay- Timothy 

8- Treats- Don't feed anything but rabbit pellets, Timothy hay and some rolled oats until 5-6 months. AFTER, FEED ONLY- carrots, leaf lettuce, banana and sweet potatoes. Black sunflower seeds are great to give your bunny, one teaspoon a day will make their coat shiny. 


9- Worming- Every six months with Safe Guard- Put a pea size amount in their mouth. 

10- Nails- Trim every couple of months.

11- Ears- Check every couple of months for ear mites. Ask your vet for best treatment if infected. 

Pick-up Day!
~Please bring cash or credit card for the balance. Credit card processing will charge a 4% fee. We don't take checks. 

~You may want to bring a small carrier for the trip home, or a towel if you want hold the bunny. 
Lops To Love Policy-
    All of our bunnies are healthy to the best of our knowledge at the time of sale. Once bunny leaves our farm, we are not responsible for any vet bills. If bunny becomes ill or dies from an untreatable condition within the first 3 days of pick up, we will replace it with equal value. We will ask for a written proof from a licensed vet on the diagnostics.     
    The bunnies we sell for show or breeding stock, are bunnies we carefully select that would be useful in a breeding or showing program. Every judge and every breeding is different and we cannot guarantee the results of your showing or breeding any rabbit purchased from us. To reserve a bunny we will require a 50.00 deposit for pet and 100.00 for breeding/show. The balance will be due upon pick-up day. Thanks Rachel